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What we do

We Help Creators Launch + Monetize Their Email List

You likely already know that building an email list is something you should do.It's the best way to monetize your expertise and connect deeply with your audience.In other words, an email list is your most valuable business asset.

But getting started can be challenging:

  • What software should I use?

  • How do I get people to sign up for my list?

  • What lead magnet should I make?

  • What do I even send them?

  • How do I monetize my list?

Worry no more. We take care of it for you.

What People Are Saying

Here's What Creators Say About Working With Us

"Jari and Corey know their stuff. They knew the path to build my email list, created the resources I needed, and were easy to work with. Thank you both!"Anna Burgess Yang - Fintech Writer + Workflow Consultant @ ABY

"I'm amazed by how Jari has been able to effectively grow and monetize email lists without being an annoying marketer.He knows his stuff and will teach you how to get started with ease."Sinem G√ľnel - Founder + Writing Coach @ Medium Writing Academy

"Working with Corey was amazing! He helped get my email list off the ground and took me to the next level. Big thanks to Corey for his help!"Saarim Aslam - Trainee Clinical Psychologist @ Oxford Health + University of Oxford

"These guys are the trusted source I recommend to all my students who want to dive deeper into the art and science of list building.They know how to get results quickly."Philip Hofmacher - Founder @ Freedom Business Accelerator

"The rate at which I gain new subscribers has shot up by 400%. I quickly crossed the coveted 1000 subscribers mark.Really appreciate how responsive and generous you were with the details and the various questions I bugged you with."Neeramitra Reddy - 11x Top Writer @ Medium + Columnist @ Wholistique

Who We Are

Meet Your New Email Wingmen

We are Jari Roomer and Corey Fradin - founders of Launchr Media.Our writing has generated 5.5M+ views, grown our email lists to 15k+ subscribers, and has gotten us featured in places like:- Forbes
- Entreprenuer
- Apple News
- Foundr
- Thrive Global
Like you, we realized that an email list is the most valuable asset for online writers - especially those wanting to earn an income from it.That's why we decided to help others build their lists as well.